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The difference between a house and a home is the community. You will feel at home in the Southpoint community with a small town vibe but easy access to the core of Calgary. Not only is the community ideal but the new homes for sale in Airdrie are gorgeous. With move in ready homes available there is no need to wait, start your life in Airdrie today!


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  • Row home 1 - Airdrie Rowhomes for sale - IMG_3445_pt copy_sm
  • Row home 2 - Airdrie Rowhomes for sale - IMG_3451_pt copy_sm
  • Row home 3 - Airdrie Rowhomes for sale - IMG_3481_pt copy_sm
  • Row home 4 - Airdrie Rowhomes for sale - IMG_3543_pt copy_sm
  • Row home 5 - Airdrie Rowhomes for sale - IMG_3595_pt copy_sm


town homes, town homes airdrie, airdrie town homes ,town homes for sale in airdrie
  • Townhomes for sale in Airdrie - J3984x2656-00394_Blend_pt_sm
  • Townhomes for sale in Airdrie - J3984x2656-00251_Blend_pt_sm
  • Townhomes for sale in Airdrie - J3984x2656-00371_Blend_pt_sm
  • Townhomes for sale in Airdrie - J3984x2656-00388_Blend_pt_sm
  • Townhomes for sale in Airdrie - J3984x2656-00317_Blend_pt_sm

Single Family Home

Single Family Home, Single Family Home airdrie, airdrie Single Family Home, Single Family Home for sale in airdrie
  • Family home 1 - Airdrie homes for sale - IMG_3052_pt copy_sm Hero
  • Family home 2 - Airdrie homes for sale - IMG_3106_pt copy_sm
  • Family home 3 - Airdrie homes for sale - IMG_3196_pt copy_sm
  • Family home 4 - Airdrie homes for sale - IMG_3274_pt copy_sm
  • Family home 5 - Airdrie homes for sale - IMG_3310_pt copy_sm
  • Family home 6 - Airdrie homes for sale - IMG_3339_pt copy_sm
  • Family home 7 - Airdrie homes for sale - IMG_3359_pt copy_sm


Get in touch with the Southpoint team to find the home of your dreams in Airdrie.
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