A Day in the Life at Southpoint


Southpoint is a master-planned community that boasts a high-quality life through a wide variety of amenities. Get ready to imagine yourself belonging to this soon-to-be tight-knit community as we take you through a day in the life of a Southpoint resident.

Your day starts sitting at the kitchen table with a warm cup of coffee and a peaceful blanket of silence. The silence is soon broken as the kids wake up for school, causing the usual comforting chaos. You give a kiss to your husband as he heads off on his quick 30-minute commute to Calgary, and then get ready to walk the kids to school.

It’s another warm, early fall day as you walk the little ones to the elementary school located within the Southpoint community. Once back at your charming farmhouse-style single-family home, you grab your runners and hit the pathways that connect to the extensive Airdrie trail system.

After a refreshing shower, you sit at your home-office and get ready to power through your morning tasks. Following a light lunch, you take a quick drive to the Cooper’s Town Promenade to pick up some groceries and grab a coffee to catch up with a friend.

Soon it’s time to pick the kids up from school and start whipping up some appetizers for the last neighbourhood BBQ of the season. When your husband gets home from work and cleans up, the whole family walks over to the community barbecue pit for some much-needed social time.

After a long night of good food, drinks, and company, the kids are exhausted as you walk back blissfully to your family home to unwind from another busy day.

If this sounds like a lifestyle that suits you, register with Southpoint today.